Tucker Carlson Takes Joe Biden to the Woodshed Over His Cowardice

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Joe Biden went to Pennslyvania yesterday and gave a 12 minute speech that could have put any crying baby to sleep. It was boring, poorly delivered, and most of all, it was full of dishonest nonsense. Instead of calling out the groups fomenting violence throughout the country, which included the cold blooded murder of a Trump supporter in Portland over the weekend, Biden could only bring himself to denounce the “right-wing” and “militias.”


Biden’s speech was a exercise in moral cowardice. It was his “many sides” moment, except Trump did actually call out white nationalists by name after Charlottesville. And while Biden continually brings up that event, he can’t bring himself to say the words “Antifa” or “Black Lives Matter” when it comes to denouncing the riots.

Tucker Carlson was having none of it last night.


He laid out the insane shift we’ve seen on in the media and among Democrats the last few days. Remember, these are the same people who tell you “silence is violence,” yet when it came to the riots, the left were nowhere to be found to calm tensions, much less speak against it. Instead, we were treated to months of excuses and encouragement. Further, as Tucker points out, anyone who dared to question the tactics was accused of “suppressing free speech” and trying to harm “peaceful protesters.” That’s if they didn’t just jump right to calling you a racist.

But then the polls started the move and then the panic set in. The attempt to distance themselves from the “terror they created,” as Tucker says in the video, is cynical, but also likely futile. This genie does not go back in the bottle. Marxists do not take their ball and go home because a geriatric man with early onset dementia wins the presidency. They do not care if Biden generically denounces violence while granting the premise of the rioters in the same breath. These people are not controllable by anything but force, and if mayors and governors won’t uphold the law, the chaos will continue no matter what happens in November.


Tucker wraps up by noting just how abhorrently dishonest Biden’s little speech was in Pennsylvania. Almost everything he said was false or misleading, down to who he attempted to blame the riots on. This is not a man of “decency” as some on the right insist. Biden is a career politician and a vicious liar at that. We can all hope the American voters see through the facade.

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