Joe Biden Decides to Hold a Gun to the Country's Head

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In this image from video, Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, speaks after the roll call vote during the second night of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)


Joe Biden has settled on a new campaign strategy. After months of calling the “protests” peaceful and insisting what we were seeing with our own eyes wasn’t actually happening, the left, in general, has come to the realization that none of this is good for their poll numbers. A mom and pop business owner losing his livelihood wasn’t enough to move them, but let it threaten their chances in November and it’s suddenly all hands on deck.

This new strategy centers on holding a rhetorical gun to the head of the country and telling them that if they don’t vote for him, the left-wing violence coming from people who want to see him elected will only get worse.

He tried this line in his “speech” yesterday (which was actually a 12-minute mumble session with no questions taken after), suggesting that the only way the rioting from his supporters stops is if you elect him. That’s quite the pitch, isn’t it? Saying elect me or my friends will continue to rough you up isn’t what you’d normally expect a presidential candidate to go with, but here we are.


I’d imagine Donald Trump suggesting that MAGA will keep burning down cities unless he’s re-elected would be met with teeth-gnashing and derision from our media betters, but Biden has the ability to soothe their souls. It’s not difficult, of course. Simply being a Democrat is all they need to see to accept veiled electoral threats as legitimate campaigning.

As Dan Crenshaw pointed out yesterday, this is the ultimate hostage situation and the media are right there to enforce it.

If you want to see my write-up on that video he posted, but sure to check out Watch: Must See Video Shows Democrats Continually Calling for Uprisings and Violence.

The real question is whether this argument from the Biden camp is persuasive. Are people stupid enough to think the actual perpetrators are “right-wing militants” when we’ve all been seeing Antifa and BLM destroy things, assault people, and even kill people for three straight months? I don’t think so. Those who believe such nonsense do so because they want to believe it. In other words, they were already hardcore liberals voting for Biden. The real battleground is in the suburbs and among independents. I can’t imagine any of this playing well with them.


In the end, I think this strategy from Biden is more desperation than political prowess. People see through this. Not everything, but enough to possibly deliver the election for Trump.

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