Daniel Cameron Speaks At the RNC, Demolishes Joe Biden for Past Racist Comments

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FILE – In this Nov. 25, 2019, file photo, Kentucky Attorney General-Elect Daniel Cameron addresses community members at the dedication of a Recovery Community Center in Manchester, Ky. Cameron, an anti-abortion supporter, said Friday, March 27, 2020, that abortions should cease as part of the governor’s order halting elective medical procedures in the state due to the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley, File)


It’s cliche to say that someone who speaks at a party’s national convention is a rising-star, but Daniel Cameron certainly fits the mold. He over-performed other Republicans in his recent election in Kentucky, being elevated to the position of Attorney General. It’s likely just a matter of time before he unseats the current Democrat governor, who won by a tiny margin the last time around.

Cameron was given a prime speaking slot at the RNC and he didn’t disappoint. He managed to absolutely demolish Joe Biden for the former VP’s past racist comments while triggering liberals so much that they started calling him a token minority.

When that happens, you know you’ve done something right as a black Republican.


The old Republican party would have gasped at someone going right at an opponent like this, but if there’s one thing Trump has done, it’s taught the GOP how to fight. Biden made racist comments and it was insulting to every black person who cares about being type-casted and having their vote assumed by Democrats. It’s long past time to stop letting the left get away with this stuff. Cameron is the perfect messenger to push back on this nonsense because he’s lived it. He’s lived with the stereotypes and they insults that get thrown at black people who dare to think differently than the Democrats want them to.

Cameron comment about chains was especially clever, as it harkened back to 2012 when Biden said Mitt Romney wanted to put black people back in chains. Bringing that up shows that Trump did not start the current downfall of our political discourse. Democrats have long been making ridiculous, tacitly racist comments to back their narratives. Whereas Romney couldn’t be counted on to defend himself, Democrats are learning that the free ride is over.

Cameron didn’t just hit on Biden though. He also laid out a very concise case for better policing in our urban centers while not letting law and order fall to the wayside. He also made a good pitch to black voters for why Trump deserves four more years in office.


In the end, the Republican bench is deep. There will probably not be another Trump after he leaves office, as he’s especially unique, and we shouldn’t try to compare everyone to him. But there are a lot of younger GOP politicians who are taking the right cues and mixing it with their own style. It think that bodes well for the future of the party.

Here’s his full speech in case you missed it.

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