Politico 'Reporter' Feels the Tingle After Obama Speech, Rachel Maddow Has a Creepier Take

Democratic National Convention via AP
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In this image from video, former President Barack Obama speaks during the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)


Barack Obama spoke last night at the DNC and the reactions were what you’d expect. It was either the most optimistic, uplifting speech ever to be spoken in the history of humanity, or it was the most stirring, impactful speech to be uttered. Either way, the media want you to know that it was just great.

But while some reporters tried to hide their glee, others just let it all hang out. Enter Politico’s Ryan Lizza, who tries to pass himself off as an unbiased “White House Correspondent.” Does this read like someone who should be reporting on anything?

He even wrote an article titled “Obama Torches Trump Like American Democracy Depends On It.”

You see, whenever a Democrat isn’t in power, the country is always on the precipice of collapse. It’s not just that they won’t get their policy initiatives through. It’s that “democracy” itself is ceasing to exist even though it is “democracy” which put the current person in office and threatens to replace him.


That was basically Rachel Maddow’s take. She proclaimed that she had been “slayed” after listening to Obama’s dishonest diatribe.

In the words of a certain sport’s parody account, I’m literally shaking right now.

I’m sorry, but if you are this “moved” by a speech by a politician, I’d suggest your priorities are a little messed up. These people are not deities, nor are their words especially meaningful. Saying pretty things does not change facts on the ground. It is far healthier to find your consolation, purpose, and health in other areas. I’d suggest religion in this case, and I don’t mean the religion of wokeness.

But when you have nothing else to fall back on, the words of Barack Obama become the equivalent of God speaking from on high. Politics is the center of their belief system and Joe Biden is their savior. Well, to be fair, it’s really Obama, but he’s not on the ticket so Biden will have to do.


All of this just strikes me as increasingly pathetic and creepy. You know what I’ve never been? I’ve never been “slayed” by a Trump speech, or any political speech for that matter. I almost feel like we should have an alter call after Maddow’s reaction. These are just politicians. They are flawed partisans whose rhetoric rarely matches their actions. If the pinnacle of one’s emotional well-being is an Obama speech, so much so that you’d run to Twitter and write what Lizza wrote, then I’d suggest getting out more.

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