Democrat Representative Suggests Arresting the Postmaster General as Conspiracy Theories Intensify

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President Donald Trump speaks at a news conference in the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House, Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


Just when you thought the wild conspiracy theories surrounding the USPS couldn’t get any dumber, Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee has strapped on the water skis and decided to do a double backflip over the shark.

As we’ve covered at RedState, with the economy rebounding and coronavirus fears beginning to wane, Democrats needed a new crazed narrative to push. They’ve settled on “Donald Trump is stealing the election by sabotaging the Post Office.”

(See The Mania Continues: Liberals Meltdown With ‘New’ Evidence of Postal Conspiracy.)

Now, Rep. Cooper is threatening to have the Postmaster General arrested if he even dares to question a subpoena from the highly politicized Democrat majority in the House. You may recall similar threats during the impeachment nonsense.

He first made these rumblings two days ago.

He’s now doubled down, telling MSNBC the same thing during a morning show.


To suggest that the House could have an appointee of the executive branch arrested for challenging a subpoena is the kind of insanity you’d expect to hear out of Venezuela. But this is your modern Democrat Party, and without a media willing to push back, this kind of stuff just gets normalized. Of course, the caveat always being that if a Republican had suggested arresting Eric Holder when he defied a subpoena, it would have been proof of how nuts the GOP is. With the bias so pervasive though, we get “reporters” nodding along as people like Cooper make ridiculous assertions backed by no evidence of all.

And to be sure, this isn’t just Democrat politicians doing this. The media are also adopting the same talking points. Here’s the latest from The Washington Post.

Keep in mind, whenever Trump even hints at a possibility of fraud in the election, the media set their hair on fire and jump off the nearest cliff. Yet, here we have a completely unfounded conspiracy theory that Trump is going to “block” mail-in ballots. There’s no evidence of this, but evidence is not needed, apparently. This conspiracy theory is no more legitimate or rational than QAnon or the Trump-Russia hysteria. These are crazy people and crazy theories being treated as real news by a press so obsessed with defeating the orange man that they’ll literally publish and push anything.


What all this shows is that the left is worried. They fear this race is tightening (see New CNN Poll Has Biden Supporters Sweating) and they need a new pressure point. Accusing Trump of sabotaging the vote, the very thing they chastised him for speculating about just weeks ago, fits the bill. Get ready for the spectacle to grow even larger.

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