Watch: Trump Walks Out of Presser After Reporter Won't Stop Talking

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President Donald Trump speaks during a briefing with reporters in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


Donald Trump did another presser from his golf club in New Jersey today. Like yesterday’s, it went fairly well for the President, with him announcing sweeping executive action to help American families. In essence, he dared the Democrats to sue and block the move after they’ve stonewalled any progress on a Congressional relief package. Regardless of what you think of the principles behind such actions, he obviously has the legal precedent to do it after Obama’s presidency and it’s a very smart political play that boxes in Nancy Pelosi.

The press conference ended up closing down early though, with Trump walking out after a reporter refused to let him call on someone else after she had already asked her question.

Her question from the beginning was typical of what you’d expect from one of the most left-wing reporters in Washington. She started talking over Trump asking him if he’s “giving people false hope” and if the move is “theater.” Of course, she could simply go ask Democrats if they are stealing hope from the American people if they decide to sue (and they will). But everything is always seen through the lens of the orange man being bad, so him taking action is criticized instead of those who would seek to block those actions.


Regardless, Trump answered her question and then she asked another one, asserting that this is a “new precedent” and that he’s going around Congress. That’s ludicrous. There is no new precedent here. Obama set the precedent and went much further than Trump is going here. It’s a bit rich to see the media suddenly concerned about executive overreach, but it’s not surprising given their penchant for hypocrisy and bias.

Even still, Trump answered her follow-up only for her to introduce another, completely unrelated follow-up question. At that point, he was already moving on to the next reporter, or at least he was trying to. She wouldn’t let him though, yelling over him for at least ten seconds before he finally said enough is enough. At that point, the President said thank you and walked off the stage.

These reporters would never dream of treating Barack Obama or any Democrat this way. You get a question and you get a follow-up if the President wants to take it. You don’t get to continually yell allegations when the president is ready to call on someone else after answering both your questions. But as much as these people fret about decorum, they make no attempt to follow it themselves. All rules go out the window when dealing with Trump. It’s no wonder the media’s reputation is lower than mud at this point.


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