Watch: Peaceful Protesters Protest Peacefully by Assaulting an Elderly Woman, Trying to Burn Down Police Station

Portland Police
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Remember when the media rushed to pronounce that the departure of federal officers from Portland led to a great peace across the land? We were told the protests were suddenly “mostly peaceful” and that the destruction had stopped. It was all Trump’s fault and had he never showed up, Antifa would have been sitting around playing acoustic ballads and talking about positive change.


Here’s an example of that gaslighting.

Yeah, about that. It was and continues to be a lie propagated by a media that’s so biased that they can’t even condemn left-wing violence.

In reality, the rioting never stopped. We’ve seen videos of further attempts to burn down the police precinct, dumpsters set on fire, and bible burning. We’ve also seen new videos of assaults taking place, businesses being vandalized, and generally criminal activity taking place.

Just last night, an older woman was assaulted by protesters. That story is via The Blaze. They also lay out descriptions of some of the general rioting that occurred.

Amid the rioting and vandalism at the precinct, KOIN-TV reported that officers were hit with projectiles that included glass bottles and rocks — and cops said one officer was severely injured after taking a large rock to the shoulder.

In the middle of all that, the station said an elderly woman who said she lives in the neighborhood pleaded with the group to stop the vandalism and stood in the way of those who were splashing paint on the plywood outside the building.

Rather than realizing how far out of hand they’ve gotten, the violent left-wingers started yelling at the elderly woman: “This isn’t your world anymore!”


Just delightful, right? Here’s the disgusting video of a bunch of punks assaulting an old lady for trying to stop vandalism in her own neighborhood.

How much of a morally bankrupt scumbag does one have to be to behave this way? It’s one thing to get into a fight with someone your own age. It’s another to go after an elderly woman. And notice that after it happens, more protesters walk up to mock and take pictures of her. This is why the “mostly peaceful” excuse is nonsense. If you are part of a violent mob, you aren’t peaceful. You are supporting and enabling violence and are just as culpable. The fact that 10 people out of a 100 might commit a crime while 90 stand around and cheer it does not make the 90 peaceful. The game the media attempt to play in that regards is deeply dishonest and no one should be buying it.

Whoever did this to that woman needs to be arrested and charged. Others standing around and mocking the woman as she’s being assaulted need to be charged as accessories to the point statutes allow. This is not how society is supposed to work and the fact that Portland authorities continue to largely stand idle is a dereliction of their oath to uphold the law. Voters in these areas have to wake up and demand change. If they don’t, this will only spiral out of control more. Communist revolutionaries, and that’s what Antifa and BLM are, do not just stop. There is no end game for them except destruction of the system.




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