NBA Coach Makes Absolutely Disgusting Argument to Defend China's Atrocities

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Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy argues a call with referee Tom Washington during the first half of the team’s NBA basketball game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)


The NBA’s subservience to China continues apace. Over the last year or so, we’ve seen some of the greatest mental gymnastics of all time as players, coaches, and executives bend over backward to not criticize the communist state. The most notable example was Lebron James’ ridiculous word salad refusing to denounce China’s tyranny after the collective of the NBA came out against Rockets executive Daryl Morey’s support for Hong Kong. But since then, there have been dozens of other instances, such as when Mark Cuban got into a back and forth with Ted Cruz and claimed he only cares about “domestic issues” when challenged on China.

The point being, people affiliated with the NBA have no diversity of thought on this issue. Case in point? NBA analyst Stan Van Gundy, an outspoken left-winger who has never met a political issue he wouldn’t comment on, suddenly has no interest in discussing China. In fact, he believes that things that happened hundreds of years ago qualify as more important than a current, ongoing genocide.


To be clear, “we” didn’t do any of that stuff. People who are dead did that stuff within the context of their time. That doesn’t excuse past behavior in any moral sense, but there are nuances to different periods in history and it doesn’t work to try to blame current generations for something that happened in 1820. You or I are not guilty for those specific things. It’s a lazy, damaging way to look at the world.

Regardless, it’s hard to describe just how disgusting this tweet from Van Gundy is. Imagine someone from Britain in 1945 arguing that the extermination of Jews happening at that moment is just a distraction from the real issue of the Crusade in 1189. That’s the kind of gross, idiotic logic being applied here. It’s asserting that events that have already happened, which aren’t ongoing, and which have largely been attempted to be atoned for at a political level are not only equivalent to but a higher priority than people being thrown in concentration camps as I write this.


There’s no way Van Gundy is actually this dumb. No, this is the result of the NBA being essentially bought and paid for by China. It’s time to start asking if there’s more here than just a passive professional relationship. Is China pumping cash into the NBA because it serves as a tool of disruption in the United States? It certainly seems that way. Meanwhile, those who work for the league are morally bankrupt enough to not only go along with it but actively defend the communists and their tyranny along the way.




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