Joe Biden Spins Another Epic Word Salad, Shows His Fealty to China In the Process

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Vice President Joe Biden during interview. (Screenshot via Yahoo! News)


I should make a template where any article I write about Joe Biden automatically enters the statement that he is not well. It would save me some time, and indeed, the former VP’s plunge into senility continues apace.


In the past few days, we’ve had multiple examples, including one insane clip from this morning showing him getting angry and asking a black interviewer if he’s a “junkie.” Such language would have immediately been grounds to accuse Donald Trump of racism had he uttered them, but Biden is your crazy old uncle so he gets a pass. Unfortunately, he’s your crazy old uncle that wants to be President.

In that same interview, there was another ridiculous moment in which Biden attempted to explain something to do with China and holding them accountable. I say “something” because I’m not really sure what he’s trying to say.

I’m at a loss. Putting aside that this is largely unintelligible because the man clearly has dementia, what exactly does gathering the rest of the world in “open trade” have to do with holding China accountable? When has open trade ever done anything but enrich and embolden China? I’m trying to stretch the bounds of critical thinking here to understand what he’s actually trying to say and I’ve got nothing. Even if you think open trade, however you might define that, is the greatest thing ever, it logically does nothing to hold China accountable for not only the coronavirus, but their aggression in other aspects of world policy.


Given the absence of any rational explanation for the talking point he’s poorly attempting to deliver, I can only assume it’s yet another show of fealty to the Chinese. Biden is loathe to criticism them and has spent his career fluffing the communists as harmless, contributing members of the international community. That’s how you end up with him mumbling something about open trade in this instance.

Sure, it makes no sense at all, but it sounds like what we’ve been hearing for the last thirty years or so from Washington, so it must be fine, right? Biden had the opportunity to actually hold a hard line in his answer and assert that China should be punished and isolated for their actions. Instead, he wants to hand China even more money and freedom to enact their will around the world. Is it any wonder he’s been wrong about every major foreign policy decision of the last four decades?

Biden doesn’t think for himself, and I don’t mean that he literally just doesn’t think for himself these days due to his mental decline, though that’s true as well. I mean that throughout his career, he’s been a stooge and nothing more than a parrot for whatever random talking points someone enters into him. That’s how you get Biden’s platform morphing into something that looks like Bernie Sanders wrote it. It’s also how you get him malfunctioning like in this clip. He doesn’t even know what he’s saying and he’s certainly not actually in charge of his messaging.


Making this man the president would be a colossal mistake by the American people.



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