Bill Barr Proclaims "I'm Gonna Answer the Damn Question" as Democrats Beclown Themselves

Matt McClain/The Washington Post via AP, Pool
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Attorney General William Barr testifies during a House Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 28, 2020. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post via AP, Pool)


Today’s hearing hosted by the House Judiciary Committee was an absolute disgrace. For hours, Democrats refused to let Bill Barr answer the questions they were purportedly asking, with Jerry Nadler going so far as to try to deny the Attorney General a bathroom break. To call this partisan politics at its worst would be too kind.

As I wrote earlier today, Jim Jordan opened up by rebutting much of the Democrat narrative, showing video of the rioting and pointing out that the left-wing media are gaslighting the country about it.

Things only escalated throughout the day, with Barr continually one-upping Democrat representatives who appeared to be far out of their league. For some examples, see our previous coverage here and here.

Eventually, Barr reached his breaking point after Rep. Joe Neguse demanded the Attorney General answer a question “under the penalty of perjury” and then tried to not let him fully answer the question.

You can find video of the exchange at the above article from The Daily Caller. Here’s some of what transpired.

The exchange began with Neguse reminding Barr of his previous statement that the White House fully cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, then beginning to probe Barr about the investigation.

“Today, yes or no, Mr. Barr – under penalty of perjury – do you testify that that statement was true at the time you made it?” Neguse asked.

“I thought it was true at the time I made it,” Barr said. “Why wasn’t it true?”

Barr then began speaking again before Neguse shouted over him that he his “reclaiming” his time, saying Barr had already answered the question.

“No, actually I need to answer that question,” Barr said.

“Mr. Attorney General, you did answer the question,” Neguse replied.

Barr then became frustrated, saying, “You said ‘under penalty of perjury.’ I’m gonna answer the damn question, OK?”


What the point of Neguse’s question was is anyone’s guess. I suppose it was meant to intimidate Barr? But he clearly didn’t lie originally and maintained that he’s being truthful now. We know that Barr did, in fact, cooperate fully with the Special Counsel, though it was Mueller that ultimately answered to Barr. He allowed the investigation to go unhindered even when it was past time to shut it down. Later, those skeptical of Mueller would be vindicated when it was shown they knew from the beginning there was no Russian collusion. For Neguse to try to press Barr on the Mueller report is a tactical error, as it simply reminds everyone what a joke that investigation was.

Regardless, Barr wasn’t going to allow himself to be cut off in this situation. When you challenge someone to answer something under penalty of perjury, you don’t then get to stop them from fully answering the question. Neguse learned that lesson today, as the Attorney General forcefully asserted himself in response to the Colorado representative’s game playing.

Nadler and his crew fully beclowned themselves during the proceedings, giving irrelevant speeches and refusing to condemn the violence engulfing the country. If we learned one thing today, it’s that the Democrat party fully supports anarchy and will do anything to regain power. Unfortunately for them, their attempt to use Barr to score political points failed miserably. Bill Barr had an answer for everything they threw at him, to the extent that they would let him answer. The Republican members also came locked and loaded.


In the end, anyone who watched that hearing saw two sides. One willing to stand up for the rule of law and another willing to let cities burn because they are too cowardly to speak out against it.



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