Watch: 'Protesters' Surround Police Vehicle With the Officer Inside and Things Get Crazy

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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Demonstrators start a fire as they protest the death of George Floyd, Sunday, May 31, 2020, near the White House in Washington. Floyd died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


The recent trend of “protesters” attacking cars is continuing. A harrowing example was caught on film last night when a Detroit PD SUV was surrounded by a mob. After people began to beat on the car and jump on the hood, the officer is seen accelerating and throwing people off. One man is seen clinging to the front of the vehicle far down the road as the officer attempts to escape.

Here’s the footage via someone who apparently thinks he was the victim in this scenario.

The description that the officer just “drove into” these people is false, though that’s the line the media are running with. Multiple outlets are trying to pain the police as the aggressor here even though it’s clear they were idle until the mob attacked.

When you watch the video, what you see is at least three police cars blocking the road, likely setting the boundaries of the protest. The crowd then descends on the middle vehicle, which still doesn’t move. It’s not until people begin to jump on the hood and others start beating on the windows that the officer makes his move. He first accelerates a short distance as a warning. Instead of backing off, the crowd attacks the car more. That’s when things really get crazy. The officer jumps forward several more times and then eventually takes off with a guy still on the hood.


Honestly, I’m not sure what an officer is supposed to do here. Call the police? He is the police. You can not physically attack someone’s car and not expect a response. Too many past incidents have resulted in people injured or dead for people to be expected to sit in their car while a mob swarms them.

These are not protesters. They are anarchists. No one even knows, including them, what they are actually fighting for at this point. The George Floyd killing has morphed into an excuse for countless left-wing causes to piggyback. Police have to have some room to operate. You can’t attempt to trap them in their cars and jump on their vehicles and then whine when you end up injured.

I suspect this officer will end up disciplined though. This is a bad time to be a cop.



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