Rekt: Janice Dean Shreds Cuomo Brothers' Pathetic Tickle Fight of an Interview

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Janice Dean is perhaps the most authentic person on Fox News. That’s not to down anyone else on the network, but if you’ve ever seen Dean, you know what I’m talking about. She’s so genuinely nice and stays that way in every setting, from appearing in person to Twitter.


But lately, Dean has had to take a more adversarial approach in regards to the death of her in laws in New York, both of whom died as a result of Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous coronavirus nursing home policies. What’s made things even worse is Cuomo’s inability to admit he did anything wrong. Instead, as I wrote some days ago, he’s settled on blaming Donald Trump and mumbling about the virus coming from Europe, as if that has anything to do with forcing sick patients into assisted living facilities (see Andrew Cuomo Shows Himself to Be Absolutely Shameless On Multiple Fronts).

Lucky for Andrew Cuomo, he didn’t even have to come up with any excuses last night on CNN because his brother, Chris Cuomo, didn’t even ask him about that failure of leadership. In fact, that topic hasn’t even been broached by Chris Cuomo during the tickle fight interviews they’ve routinely done over the last three months. I wrote on the overall ridiculousness of that scene earlier this morning (see Chris Cuomo Loses It, Proclaims He’s Not Objective But ‘Luv Gov’ Is Doing ‘Way Better’ Than Other Governors).

Dean also saw the interview and apparently wasn’t amused by Chris Cuomo’s proclamation of how great a job his brother has done.


How frustrating must it be to watch this nonsense be shared while knowing that the guy on the right unapologetically put policies in place that killed your family members? Dean knows that pain all too well. I’m sure an admission of failure would go a long way here, but neither Cuomo brother is apt to give one. Instead, CNN continues to operate as an outright propaganda outlet, obfuscating facts and allowing Andrew Cuomo to spew his falsehoods unchallenged.

Just this morning, he went on CNN again to chastise Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying that the “numbers” showed Florida had “lost.” In reality, Florida has about 1/10th the number of deaths and the recent case surge appears to be mostly among younger people. Meanwhile, nursing homes were locked down and protected under DeSantis while Cuomo let the carnage happen in his own state.

Eventually, they’ll be a reckoning for all this. It won’t be on CNN, but when everyone looks back a year from now, it’s going to be patently obvious that Andrew Cuomo is the worst governor in the country.



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