Valerie Jarrett Shouts Out Mitt Romney for Marching With Protesters, Conservatives Wonder What Changed

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Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, center, talks with reporters as he heads to the Senate for a vote, on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019 in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Mitt Romney decided to go march in the George Floyd protests yesterday. He posted pictures of himself with the phrase “black lives matter” on Twitter, earning the typical plaudits from the left that he so seems to crave. What exactly he’s specifically protesting for is a mystery, as are most of the motivations of those not brazen enough to chant about de-funding the police.

I personally have no problem with people gathering and marching. I’d just prefer a realistic, actionable message to be the basis of those marching (i.e. ending qualified immunity). The men responsible for Floyd’s death have been arrested and charged. If equal application of the law is no longer the primary goal, that kind of leaves us nowhere to go, but I digress.

Romney’s photo-op got the attention of Obama’s woman in the shadows, Valerie Jarret.

Well, it’s good to know the the woman who basically ran the administration that accused Romney of giving a woman cancer and wanting to re-enslave black people approves. Her statement also seems to have a bit of snark involved. Romney is just now on the “right side of history,” a ridiculous, false claim of superiority often used by Obama officials. Was he not on the right side of history when he correctly called out Russia while every Democrat and media member snickered in 2012? But let’s be real. The right side of history just means doing what the left wants at any given time.


Conservatives didn’t let this transformation of approval go unnoticed.

Of course, the treatment of Romney was the seminal moment for the conservative movement whereby they threw up their hands and said forget it. It’s no doubt the single biggest factor in giving us Donald Trump as President. Jarret’s arrogant comment is simply a continuation of that. They’ve learned absolutely nothing and will learn nothing in the future.

For Romney’s part, he’s finally living his dream. He’s got the recognition and approval of the other side, something he’s sought for so long as he’s changed nearly every position he’s previously held over the decades multiple times. While he’ll never be president, he’s at least got that to hold onto. Jarret’s idea that the GOP are ever going back there is foolish though.


That’s the right answer. Every machination Romney makes and ever heap of praise piled on him by the left reminds conservatives of just how cynical politics is. That’s how you get more Trump, not less.



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