Watch: Incredible Video Shows Army of Volunteers Showing Up In Minneapolis

AP featured image


Here’s a reminder that humanity still has its moments.

After days of rioting, looting, and violence across the country, the sun rose in Minneapolis this morning to reveal an eerily quiet hellscape. Businesses were burned out as people walked the streets documenting the devastation.


Then something amazing happened.

What looks to be hundreds of people showed up to help clean the area that had been destroyed the night prior. People were told to show up with brooms and trash bags and the call was answered. These are people that didn’t have to give their Saturday to do this, not after so much venom has been spewed, but they did it anyway. That’s real empathy for the people of that neighborhood, not the faux anarchy being perpetrated by the left’s Antifa army.

In the end, this may not make much of a difference. It’s a small gesture to a neighborhood that’s going to take years to recover. But it shows that not everyone has lost their minds, nor their hearts in 2020.



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