New Video of George Floyd Reveals More About His Killing While Authorities Drag Their Feet

AP Photo/Jim Mone
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Hundreds of protesters gather Tuesday, May 26, 2020 near the site of the arrest of George Floyd who died in police custody Monday night in Minneapolis after video shared online by a bystander showed a white officer kneeling on his neck during his arrest as he pleaded that he couldn’t breathe. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)


A new video has been released which reveals more about George Floyd’s treatment at the hands of the police, ultimately leading to his death. In the new angle, you can see that it’s not just one officer who had a knee pressing into the man, but three. At no point does he appear to be resisting, though you can hear him trying to tell them he can’t breathe.

The local authorities are dragging their feet on making arrests in the case. To be clear, if this were you or I that had done this, even if we felt we didn’t have intent to hurt the man, we’d be sitting in jail while the charges were drawn up. It’s long past time to make that move here. That doesn’t mean anyone should expect a judgment to be served immediately, nor should the officers be denied due process, but there can not be two standards of justice. The continued feeling among Americans that there is, from the highest levels of the government, to the lowest levels of local law enforcement, has been permeating throughout the nation.


Things have to change. There’s no excuse for the kind of force used in that video toward a single guy who allegedly committed a minor offense. That doesn’t mean you don’t enforce laws, but it does mean that police can’t act like tyrants, escalating situations with violence when it’s completely unnecessary. It’s extremely important for law enforcement to not excuse this, even if their union charters call for basically defending anything. One of the bedrocks of conservatism (and this is obviously a site that promotes conservatism) is the limiting of government power toward the individual. Petty crimes can be adjudicated. People can’t be brought back from the dead.

On the other side of this, though, is a contingent rushing to stoke divisions that scantly existed some days ago. In reality, I’ve never seen a police killing garner such universal condemnation as the Floyd killing. Yet, the city burns and much of that unity burns along with it. Those who perpetrated these riots, looting, and violence don’t care about Floyd. They are selfish anarchists, looking for an excuse to act out. The media figures, such as those on CNN last night, who are trying to make this an issue about Donald Trump also don’t care about Floyd. They are shameless opportunists willing to do anything to score a political win. It’s all disgusting.


Meanwhile, the local government of Minneapolis appears completely unprepared to handle this situation and things will likely only continue to escalate.



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