CNN Blames 'Trump's America' for News Crew Being Arrested Because Everything Is Stupid

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All orange man bad, all the time.

If you want to know why it’s so hard for many in conservative media to go to bat for CNN, this is why. Even as most of the right rallied behind them in condemning last night’s arrest of one of their camera crews, it took only a few hours for them to suddenly decided all of it was Trump’s fault.


None of this makes sense. Minnesota has a Democrat governor. Minneapolis has a Democrat mayor. There police chief is almost certainly a Democrat as well given the demographics of the city. Oh yeah, and their Attorney General is Keith Ellison, another hard left ideologue. What does Donald Trump have to do with the actions of police officers in a Democrat bastion? The answer is absolutely nothing.

But this is part of the narrative being formed on the liberal cable news networks. It’s like Ferguson, Baltimore, and Dallas never happened under Barack Obama, with the media instead pretending that all of this is new. Earlier today, Joe Biden came out and called for police reform. He was Vice President for eight years. Did he forget that?


The constant blame game is so tiring. Not everything revolves around Donald Trump, nor is every evil in the world his fault. The same goes for those taking to the airwaves to proclaim that all white people are complicit in what these officers did. Almost everyone agrees this killing was awful. We should be uniting right now to expose wrongdoing, not trying to make political hay out of the situation.

CNN just can’t help themselves though.



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