Melt Down Ensues After People Go Swimming at Lake of the Ozarks

Screengrab from tweet by Scott Pasmore of KTVK-3TV


I guess we are just going to keep doing this.

Once again, video of people enjoying themselves, this time in an outdoor chlorinated pool, are making the rounds and it’s a triggering event for some. This happened at a bar at the Lake of the Ozarks.


Here’s the original post that got the ball of outrage rolling.

Let’s again note that this is outside in a pool filled with disinfectant. It was also in the mid-80s temperature-wise when this video was taken. The risk of infection here is extraordinarily low, as in scientifically almost non-existent. While there have been isolated incidents of people getting infected at pool parties and the like (we are talking dozens out of millions of cases), it’s almost certain the actual infections came not from actually being in the pool, but elsewhere on the grounds.

You know where you are much more likely to get infected by the numbers? Riding New York’s subway or pretty much being anywhere else within a confined space, which is exactly what lockdowns force on you. Yet, we continue to see these stories only focus on red states and the outdoor activities that take place there.

Meanwhile, CNN’s S.E. Cupp and The View’s Meghan McCain weren’t too happy about what they saw.


Here’s the truth. You keep people locked up inside and insist they can’t even do scientifically safe things such as socially distance at church or take a walk on the beach, then this is what you get. In reality, the people in that video will almost certainly be fine because they are outside and in water, but even if you think what they are doing is wrong, this was brought on by bad policy that left people nowhere left to go. Some of us have been pointing that out for months.

Also, note that the media never target Democrat strongholds for this kind of shaming. The following picture was taken on the same day as the above video. The only difference is that it was taken in San Francisco, so no one on the left cares.

Those guys sure don’t look six feet apart, and I’m gonna go out and limb and guess they aren’t all brothers. But over and over this stuff is ignored while red states are bashed relentlessly despite continually having the best response to the virus. The worst way to encourage mitigation of risk is to focus on things that are largely irrelevant to the spread, trapping people in their homes. Playing golf, boogie boarding, and drinking beer in a pool, even with people near, are some of the lowest risk activities you can do. If they weren’t, the South would be eaten up with the virus. Instead, they’ve dramatically out-paced most of the states with the most draconian lockdowns.


But none of this is really about science. It’s all simply part of a cynical political ploy to make hay out of the coronavirus pandemic and attack Republicans and their voters, nothing more.



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