President Trump Probably Just Ended Jeff Sessions' Senate Campaign

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks during a news conference to announce a criminal law enforcement action involving China, at the Department of Justice in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018. Justice Department and FBI leaders announced criminal charges and an operation to thwart Chinese economic espionage. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


No one has ever accused President Trump of not holding grudges, and that certainly applies with his relationship to current Alabama senatorial candidate Jeff Sessions. The former Attorney General is famous for having recused himself from the all things Russia related the moment he assumed his position back in 2017. The practical effect was that careerists within the DOJ and FBI were allowed to run rampant, which is how we arrived were we are today with so much corruption being exposed.

With Sessions now focused on regaining his old Senate seat, things have been fairly awkward between he and the President. Things just got ratcheted up to the stratosphere though. Trump has taken to Twitter and essentially nuked Sessions.


Trump is missing a few details in that pitch, and Sessions was obviously facing some tough decisions at the time. Putting Trump’s anger aside though, I’ve said for a long time that Sessions had a few different choices in front of him and he made the wrong one.

While Sessions may have had his personal convictions, it’s very questionable whether his simply speaking to a Russian during 2016 dictated he had to recuse. Nothing he had done was under investigation, nor was it out of line. If having had contact with someone from Russia meant recusal, everyone at the top of the FBI should have recused as well. Instead, Sessions stepped aside, removing himself from the department’s most important case, and Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Yates, Rosenstein etc. did whatever they wanted.

But even if we assume there’s noway Sessions could oversee the Russia investigation, then he should have resigned. It was simply not proper to leave Donald Trump with essentially no Attorney General for half his presidency while the Democrats and media feasted on selective leaks coming from the department. Imagine how 2017-2018 might have gone if Bill Barr was in that position early on? Session’s impotency left the DOJ without leadership, run by partisans with no regard for fairness or the rule of law.


Is Trump being his typical brash self in his very public dumping of Sessions now? Yeah. Is his anger misplaced? Not really. This is politics, and if you make a bad decision that costs someone half their presidency, you can expect to pay a price. That price, if the latest polling is to be believed, is Tommy Tuberville being the next GOP Senator from Alabama.



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