Sen. Tim Scott Eviscerates Joe Biden for Racist Comments

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Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., arrives for a vote on Gina Haspel to be CIA director, on Capitol Hill, Thursday, May 17, 2018 in Washington. The Senate confirmed Haspel as the first female director of the CIA following a difficult nomination process that reopened an emotional debate about brutal interrogation techniques in one of the darkest chapters in the spy agency’s history. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Earlier this morning, Joe Biden appeared on The Breakfast Club to talk politics, and it went about as well as the rest of his trips outside the basement. In an incredible exchange, Biden quipped to the host that if an African-American isn’t voting for him, they “they ain’t black.”

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Since then his campaign has taken a defensive stance, including doubling down on the idea that Biden has some kind of monopoly on the black community. They claim it was all a joke, which is odd, because I don’t remember racist jokes suddenly being acceptable as long as a poor attempt of humor is involved.


Now, Sen. Tim Scott is responding with his own feelings and personal experiences about what Biden said. He lets him have it.

He also took to Twitter.

That was well-deserved. Black conservatives have often shown displeasure with the double standards that they routinely have to deal with in the political arena. Democrats consistently get a pass for saying racist, offensive things, including the idea that they are entitled to the votes of black Americans. Tim Scott’s vote is not worth less than someone who votes for Biden, nor is he a “race traitor” or any other derogatory label because he chooses his own path.


No politician should be doing what Biden did here, and the double standards involved need to die. Biden’s casual racism, which has been on display throughout his candidacy, continues to show him to be a person who can’t control his emotions and is prone to wild ranting. Democrats have to be freaking out right now. This is the guy they have to ride until November, and it’s not going to get better.


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