Bot Reads 1,000 Jennifer Rubin Articles, Produces a Masterpiece

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Jennifer Rubin


Of all the former members of the right who’ve now turned full on anti-Republican, perhaps none has done so with as much insanity as The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. Billed as their conservative blogger, Rubin has devolved into cheerleading Nancy Pelosi and writing the same article over and over. She’s basically the female version of Max Boot, but perhaps even worse (if you can believe that’s possible).


Rubin has delivered countless laughs over the past four years of her transformation, saying and writing ridiculous things constantly. Now, the Free Beacon has taken it up a notch.

Here’s a taste.

It does not have to be that way. In other words, the “elite” genocide is unwanted at this time, except by Trump. (I know, it’s a confusing subject.) Fox News and extreme friends of right-wing media injected toxic money online, thanks to gerrymandering in Georgia. Pathetic, but true.

Let’s be real: Biden’s basement exoneration. His campaign partner, Bernie Sanders, injured himself in U.S.S.R. He doesn’t have enough fruit to avoid death, according to capitalism poll. His brothers make noise. Fortunately for democracy, only Biden can rectify the coronavirus nightmare with nuclear empathy. Trump’s election disaster was reported by the Post, but democracy is at war with the consequences.

I can’t wait to support Mitt Romney, Democratic candidate for president.

It’s like she’s at the keyboard typing this as I read it. The accuracy is absolutely amazing. The shots at Fox News, the hyperbolic charges of genocide, and the slobbering over Joe Biden are all just spot on.


When a bot can do your job just as well, with just as much originality (see: none), it’s just a matter of time before the bot cleans up its grammar and replaces you. Of course, forcing the bot to do this could qualify as abuse. I mean, making any entity read 1,000 Jennifer Rubin articles is basically an offense punishable by death.

Anyway, if you haven’t picked up on it by now, this was the Beacon’s latest attempt at satire. I’d say they nailed it.



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