CNN's Chris Cuomo Continues to be an Awful Person and Hypocrite

CNN's Chris Cuomo Continues to be an Awful Person and Hypocrite


Chris Cuomo has been something to behold during the Wuhan virus pandemic. Perhaps no other “journalist” (yes, he laughably claims to be non-biased) has seen such wild swings, with the CNN figure at one point lamenting how much he hates his job before reversing and talking about how great it is.

But past his moodiness is something more serious. He’s a man with a penchant for angry outbursts, including in public. There have now been multiple examples, including a recent exchange with a biker that questioned why Cuomo was breaking quarantine in a completely different city during his bout with COVID-19. Of course, unable to just admit he did something wrong, CNN staged a “resurrection,” presenting it as if he’d never left his basement. To this day, the network has not commented on that blatant falsehood.

But because CNN and Cuomo appear to have no capacity for shame, they continue to attack their opponents while ignoring the log in their own eye.

The above panel is just amazing. Dr. Gupta (on the left) is the same guy who pretended to read Cuomo’s chest X-rays on air, claiming they showed signs of the virus when they showed none. He’s been a staple talking head throughout this ordeal while not really sharing much of anything of value. Meanwhile, on the right is Andy Slavitt, the clownish former Obama official who claimed millions were going to die and has basically predicted the apocalypse five times over at this point. Showing some penchant for accuracy is apparently not a requirement to get on CNN.

These are the people Chris Cuomo has on to pretend are experts while he attempts to act as if Fox News is the problem here. How terrible of a person must one be to accuse others, especially in such a generalized form, of wanting “10,000 brown people to die?” His choice is also a false dichotomy. People are dying right now because of the shuttered economy. Substance abuse is skyrocketing, suicide hotlines are overwhelmed, and people are lacking healthcare that could otherwise save their lives. There are consequences to the fear porn that only takes the Wuhan virus into account. A recent study found 75,000 could die just from substance abuse as a result of these lock downs.

Cuomo doesn’t acknowledge that though. Instead, he goes on his show nightly to yell at everyone for daring to want to save their lives from destruction while he held completely different rules for himself. You shouldn’t leave your house or you want grandma to die, but Cuomo can go to his vacation home and yell at bicyclists while testing positive. It’s insanity and hypocrisy on a level rarely seen.

The bile that CNN constantly spews at Fox News isn’t healthy. It’s the sign of a network that’s deeply flawed and failing. Cuomo is at the forefront of that. A man who constantly puts his pettiness and insecurities on display for all to see. It’s not a pretty sight.


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