Chuck Todd Lies About Bill Barr Interview as the Media's War Continues

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FILE – In this Oct. 29, 2010, file photo, Chuck Todd, of NBC News, speaks at the White House in Washington. Todd has some momentum at his one-year anniversary at “Meet the Press,” reimagining a show that began in 1947 while preparing for a new weekday role at MSNBC. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)


The media really, really don’t like Attorney General Bill Barr.

Why? Because he had the audacity to pursue the truth and expose their long time narratives as partisan fantasies. For years, entire coverage strategies were based around the idea of Russia collusion, Donald Trump being a foreign agent, and Michael Flynn being evil. When documents broke that showed the Flynn case was hopelessly corrupt, Barr had enough courage to make the right call where so many others would have just protected the institution.

That’s set off a wide-ranging effort to take down Barr, and the latest effort comes from NBC’s Chuck Todd.

Todd presents Barr’s quote as the complete opposite of what the real context shows, including lying and saying the AG never made the case for upholding the rule of law. In reality, Barr did just that. His comment about the winner’s writing history was actually a swipe at the left. It was a hint that people could end up misrepresenting the facts of the case and present the move as illegitimate when it clearly was. That’s why he says “But I think a fair history would say” to clarify exactly his purpose in making that comment.


Listening to Todd, you’d never know that passage existed though, and that’s exactly what he intended.

This is what happens when newsrooms fill their most prestigious positions with noted partisan hacks. We’ve seen the same thing happen at ABC, where former Clinton crony, George Stephanopoulos, has turned the network’s news coverage into an absolute joke. Todd has been a long time fluffer of Russian collusion conspiracy theories and he simply couldn’t deal with the fact that his world view had been shaken via the latest Flynn revelations.

Meanwhile, Peggy Noonan once again shows that former Democrats turned Republican have no backbone whatsoever. She had a chance to stand up and correct the record there and chose not to. Someone in her position no doubt watched the whole Barr interview. Lack of knowledge was unlikely an issue. It’s not a coincidence that so much of the modern anti-Trump movement emanated from the bastion of Bush neoconservatism.


Todd should correct the record here, and it shouldn’t just be a passing mention on Twitter. This is the kind of thing that a real journalistic outfit would address directly, on-air with an apology, but NBC News isn’t, unfortunately, a real journalistic outfit. They’ve set their reputation on fire at the alter of sniping at Trump. When everything surrounds that pursuit, truth often gets lost in the fray.



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