Nancy Pelosi Proclaims Joe Biden Sexual Assault Case "Closed," Won't Answer Questions Anymore

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., makes a statement about a coronavirus aid package, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, March 13, 2020. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


I’m trying to imagine how the media would react if a Republican did this in relation to one of their allies being accused. We can ascertain fairly confidently that it wouldn’t be positive, but Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat so she can get away with this.

The House Majority Leader proclaimed today that the sexual assault case against Joe Biden is “closed” and chastised the MSNBC anchor for asking her about it.

I love how after Pelosi says she won’t answer the question again, the anchor just nods, lets her spew about how innocent Biden is for a full minute, and then just moves on. There was no push back, nor follow-up pointing out her hypocrisy on this issue. Let’s recall that Pelosi was very rough on Kavanaugh, demanding the vote for his confirmation be delayed until there was a “thorough investigation” into the “credible” allegations against him.

Joe Biden gets a complete pass, though, because he’s on her team. At this point though, it’s hard for me to blame Pelosi for playing hardball. No one in the mainstream media will press any Democrat on this issue, whereas Republicans were made to answer questions consistently about Kavanaugh all the way through his confirmation and even after. The double standard is stark.


If we had a media capable of being anything other than hopelessly biased, they’d be pressing hard on Democrats to explain why Tara Reade isn’t “credible” but Blasey Ford was. In reality, there is far more corroborating evidence of Reade’s allegation than any made against Kavanaugh. But instead of hitting the ground running and digging for the truth, the media have actually attempted to abdicate their duty altogether, with the Times laughably suggesting the DNC investigate the matter.

Pelosi is a flaming hypocrite and she needs to be made to answer for it. Joe Biden saying “I didn’t do it” is not at all the standard they’ve held for any Republican who’s been accused. They don’t get to change the rules of the game now. Not even a little bit.



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