CNN (Or Someone Else?) Appears to Have Disappeared that 1993 Larry King Clip Featuring Tara Reade's Mom

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I’m sure I’ll get an angry reply later from the resident CNN hall monitors, but I did ask for comment this morning and got nothing, so let’s get on with it. If they want to explain this, they are welcome to do so, but I have a feeling Brian Stelter won’t be covering this on his show today.

It appears, keyword appears, that CNN (or Google) has attempted to scrub the 1993 Larry King cip that featured Tara Reade’s mother from Google Play, which hosted archives of the show.

Notice the slyly renumbered episodes so there’s no break in the sequence, but you can see by the actual dates that an episode is missing. It just so happens to be the very one Tara Reade’s mother called into nearly 30 years ago. In the exchange, you can hear Reade’s mother talking about her daughter having an issue with a Senator on the very same day Reade says she was disciplined for pushing back on Joe Biden’s abuse.

Per Fox News, the above photo is not faked. They checked themselves and it has indeed been disappeared from the show list.

Fox News later verified the Aug. 11 episode is not listed on the streaming service. It is unclear when it was removed from the catalog.

Neither CNN nor Google immediately responded to Fox News’ requests for comment. Fox News also reached out to the representation of Larry King and have not heard a response.


Now, perhaps Google just did this on their own. But why would they mess with a network’s archives without direction from said network? I suspect that’ll be the excuse though.

No matter what, CNN has a lot of explaining to do, though I doubt any other “journalists” will push them on this. The entire industry has become a corrupt, back-slapping exercise in which they whine about Fox News constantly but never call their own out.

We’ll see if CNN offers any clarity here. If they do, I’ll update the story with that information.


CNN finally addressed the matter. I’m failing to see an actual explanation for why that episode is missing, but here’s the tweet.


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