Marco Rubio Nails Chuck Schumer After He Pushes Nonsense About Small Business Relief Program


The loan program for small businesses is currently out of money while Nancy Pelosi shows off her ice cream stash. Despite that, the media and Democrats are still spinning that this is all somehow the fault of Republicans.


What’s the latest line? That Democrats are just concerned the money isn’t actually helping people, so that’s why they are letting businesses go under while they fiddle. I noticed this yesterday when a rash of liberal mouthpieces all started using the same talking points.

Chuck Schumer wedged his take in there last night, using a variation of the same narrative.

If you haven’t been paying attention to political Twitter the last couple of days (and who could blame you?), you might not know what this pertains to. Essentially, Democrats are claiming that franchises are big businesses and are using a “loophole” to get funding. In reality, franchises are almost exclusively small businesses, locally owned and operated by someone who pays said franchise fees. But because franchise fees go to a larger corporation, the left is claiming this is somehow enriching big business.


To be frank, that’s asinine. When a small business buys supplies with their loan money, they are also benefiting big business. When they pay the electric bill, they are benefiting big business. Licensing fees for franchises are a part of the economic environment. To suggest they are somehow a loophole makes no sense whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio apparently has receipts that Schumer won’t like.

I don’t doubt for a second that every word of Rubio is saying is true. Democrats spent most of the relief bill negotiations pushing for money for special interests, including giveaways to the environmental lobby and money for places like the Kennedy Center. They also fought for universities like Harvard, which enjoys a $38 billion (like with a B) endowment, to be included. But now they want to pretend they are fighting for the little guy while scapegoating the actual little guys who own franchised businesses? That’s not gonna fly.


When this is all over, thousands of businesses will have had to close their doors because this program is currently being delayed. That’s on Democrats 100%. They get to own that, now and in November.



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