Joe Biden Shows His Vast Mental Prowess By Getting Caught Reading From a Teleprompter During a 'Town Hall'

Vice President Joe Biden, participates in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios, Sunday, March 15, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


If you’ve noticed a distinct lack of major “gaffes” the last few days regarding Joe Biden’s public speaking, there’s a reason for that.

Today, he attempted to do a supposedly unscripted “town hall” in which he answered questions from people via a live stream. This is the kind of event that no one in their right mind uses a teleprompter for. The format is specifically designed to be informal and organic. But not when Joe Biden’s around.

Yes, that’s the guy who wants to be the President of the United States unable to even answer a question in virtual town hall without reading from the teleprompter. He’s so mentally gone that his own campaign team can’t trust him to do the most basic tasks of campaigning. Think about the implications of that.


Here, we see the former VP accidentally read the word “quote” out loud, which was actually an annotation on his prompter. Real man of the people stuff and totally not what a guy suffering from dementia would do, right?

It’s good to be a Democrat though. Their candidate is barely lucid and being accused of sexual assault by a former staffer, but the media couldn’t care less. It’s all roses according to their coverage. Meanwhile, the rest of us see exactly what’s going on. This is not a guy fit to be President. This isn’t even a guy fit to tie his own shoes.



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