Fusion GPS' Favorite Reporter Tries to Slap at Trump About the USNS Comfort, Gets It Totally Wrong

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at Naval Air Station Norfolk Pier 8, Saturday, March 28, 2020, prior to the departure of the USNS Comfort, a U.S. Navy hospital ship stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


This is what it looks like when someone’s career is largely based on being fed anti-Trump intel leaks about Russia.

Natasha Bertrand, who’s served as a conduit for numerous Fusion GPS conspiracy theories over the years, decided to step out of that lane and attempt to dunk on the President over how the USNS Comfort is being used. If you’ll recall, the ship is in New York to help with the Wuhan virus outbreak.

But it’s the admittance requirements which seemed to confuse Bertrand.

To be fair, though Bertrand clearly didn’t read the entirety of the article she’s citing, the Times does its typical spin early on, making it seem as if the Trump administration is cruelly turning away coronavirus patients. The problem is that what she quotes is not only misleading, the basis for it was widely announced weeks ago.

As was said from the beginning, the Comfort was never meant to take on Wuhan virus patients, nor most ICU patients. It is in New York to serve as overflow for those with lesser conditions that are taking up hospital beds in the middle of the hot spots. The reasons for this is clear and should be apparent to any “investigative journalist.”

You see, confined ships are not a good place to put people with infectious diseases. Bertrand may remember a few cruise ships in which Wuhan virus ran through those on board. It was those ships that helped propagate the virus in the U.S. in the first place.


They are also not a good place to put critical ICU patients because it’s dangerous to move those people from other locations and the Comfort isn’t currently equipped to deal with certain conditions. The fact that the Comfort isn’t full of people yet is not the fault of Trump or the military. It’s a sign that most hospitals in New York haven’t seen the need to move their patients who qualify yet. The regulations for who can be admitted to the Comfort are not unreasonable, but are necessary for safety.

Some reporters who have made their name serving as shills for the malfeasance at the FBI and DOJ should probably just stick to that. When they step out of the lane, not having a script to read from Fusion GPS, things don’t go well. Bertrand’s screw up, which is not her first by any means, shows that.



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