Susan Rice Gets Woke on Mike Pompeo

FILE – In this Aug. 30, 2012 file photo, then-U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice speaks at UN headquarters. President-elect Donald Trump choice for UN ambassador, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, has limited foreign policy experience. That’s in contrast to other U.N. ambassadors who had deep roots in international affairs at the time of their nominations. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File)


Why won’t Susan Rice just go away?

That’s the most obvious question that comes to my mind after watching her trash Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over his calling the current Chinese caused pandemic the Wuhan virus.

What’s shameful is lying to the American people multiple times about a terrorist attack because Rice and her administration were trying to cover up their screw-ups. What’s shameful is setting the Middle East on fire by bombing Libya and then pulling out of Iraq improperly, allowing ISIS to grow and flourish. What’s shameful is letting children be gassed in Syria while Obama and his cohorts, such as Rice, handed the country to Russia to appease Putin.

But I digress. Even on the facts, Rice is spewing nonsense here. These viruses can’t “arise in any corner of the globe” because most places in the world don’t eat deep-fried bats, cats, and dogs. It’s not racist, nor xenophobic, to admit that it’s the Chinese wet markets which continue to produce these pandemics. This isn’t about stigmatizing anyone. It’s about recognizing the reality of the situation and taking the actions necessary to save lives. That’s something Rice has never shown herself capable of doing.


Like Obama himself, Rice is your typical do-nothing who would rather wax poetic than do the right thing. Her attack on Pompeo is woke, social justice nonsense and it has no place in the current discussion. People are dying. No one cares whether it’s called the Wuhan virus, Chinese virus, or whatever. What matters is making sure the communists pay a price for this and don’t release something like this on the world again.



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