Chuck Todd Asks a Question So Disgusting That Not Even Joe Biden Can Play Along

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FILE – In this Oct. 29, 2010, file photo, Chuck Todd, of NBC News, speaks at the White House in Washington. Todd has some momentum at his one-year anniversary at “Meet the Press,” reimagining a show that began in 1947 while preparing for a new weekday role at MSNBC. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)


Is Chuck Todd the worst? Because I’m pretty sure Chuck Todd is the worst.

The venerable “journalist” took to the airwaves this morning to lob Joe Biden softball questions on his Sunday morning show. One of the questions turned out to be so vile and disgusting that not even the former Vice President was willing to play along with it.

Here’s the video.

There’s so much wrong with that question that it blows the mind that Todd could even present it with a straight face.

One, the response was not “slow” by almost any objective measure. The CDC was mobilized within days of the first reported case out of China. President Trump then banned travel from China the moment the outbreak started to spread outside of Wuhan in late January. By February, when most media outlets (including Todd’s own NBC News) were still downplaying the risks, the federal government was already moving rapidly to prepare.

To the extent that the response was delayed, it’s largely because the Chinese and the World Health Organization were actively lying to the world about the transmissible nature of the disease and how far-reaching it had become. There’s also the reality that the federal government is not magic. No amount of action could have stopped this from becoming a big issue in the United States. Our geography and populations are just too expansive and diverse. We couldn’t just lock down 90% of our population in one order like South Korea did with Seoul.


But aside from those facts, Todd choosing to try to frame Trump as a murderer with “blood on his hands” because of possible federal shortcomings is absolutely gross. Did Todd ever ask such a question about the delayed H1N1 response? Of course he didn’t, because it would have been ridiculous.

This guy has taken a once-great show and run it directly into the ground. It’s amazing to me that so many media outlets are willing to set their legacy brands on fire by letting people like Todd pose as anything other than the biased political actors they are.

I’ll also note that Todd’s question ignores the fact he’s asking it to a guy who stumped against early action, calling it “hysterical xenophobia” to shut down travel as the virus began to spread. Oddly enough, Biden wasn’t asked about that. Instead, Todd just kept to his Democrat talking points.

With that said, I’ll end by giving Biden some credit for not being willing to swing at the garbage pitch Todd threw him here.



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