The Washington Post Praised China's Leadership, Then Reality Showed Up

Ramil Sitdikov, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and China’s President Xi Jinping shake hands prior to their talks on the sideline of the 11th edition of the BRICS Summit, in Brasilia, Brazil, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019.The BRICS Summit, gathering the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, will take place in Brasilia Nov. 13-14. (Ramil Sitdikov, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)


If you thought there were limits to how far the media would go to perpetuate their anti-Trump narrative, we certainly haven’t reached them.

In fact, many outlets have chosen to take the side of an oppressive communist regime if it means they can snipe at the orange man. We’ve seen that with stories like this and this, where the media choose to push Chinese propaganda instead of being willing to give their own country (and by virtue, the President) any credit. One of the worst offenders has been The Washington Post, who recently ran a story praising China’s supposed leadership during a crisis they created.

The problem? All the supposed leadership China was showing by sending “aid” to other countries was garbage, and I mean that literally.

If you read the excerpts above, you’ll see the Post positing that China and Russia (yes, Russia) have “stepped up” to fill the void the United States was supposedly leaving. This came in the form of aid being sent to other countries, such as masks and tests. But all the stuff China was sending out in their desperate attempt to garner positive PR turned out to be trash. The masks were faulty and the tests had incredibly high false reading rates.


It doesn’t matter though. The U.S. media were eager to run the CCP’s propaganda campaign for them anyway. They didn’t stop to wonder if the aid being sent was actually effective, only that it somehow made Trump look bad. In essence, China was able to purchase good will by sending a bunch of defective crap to other countries and CNN, MSNBC, the Times, the Post, etc. played the role of useful idiot.

But don’t be kid yourself. They won’t learn from being played here. Instead, they’ll gladly play the same role of lackey again when the next opportunity comes. Everything is about defeating Trump in November, even if it means taking the side of a tyrannical regime.




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