Democrat Rep. Haley Stevens Loses Her Freaking Mind On the House Floor

Just in case you were wondering whether Rep. Thomas Massie should actually be expelled for forcing the House back in session, I present to you this persuavie piece of evidence.


This morning, Rep. Haley Stevens (D) lost her ever loving mind while giving a “speech” to her colleagues after returning to vote on the Wuhan virus relief package. What she’s actually saying or ranting about is up for interpretation, but the level of insanity on display is not.

She’s wearing pink latex gloves and screaming at the top of her lungs about seeing “darkness.” Meanwhile, the presiding representative is desperately trying to get her to stop, as her time had expired. But she just keeps going, ranting and raving like someone who’s having a nervous breakdown. Things got so bad that even Democrat leader Steny Hoyer tries to stop her and bring some order to the floor.

This apparently isn’t Stevens’ first brush with crazed rants either.


How do people like this get elected to public office? I don’t know, but Stevens’ behavior is certainly an argument for voters not being very good at their civic duties. I’d try to parse out what argument she’s making, but again, I’m not not sure what exactly that is. So instead, I’ll just leave the video to speak for itself.



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