Democrats Are About to Hate Mitt Romney Again

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, center, talks with reporters as he heads to the Senate for a vote, on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019 in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


The honeymoon was fun while it lasted.

Whichever Democrats had developed a soft spot for Mitt Romney after he voted to remove President Trump from office are about to have a change of heart. Romney laced into Democrats last night over their filibustering of a desperately needed relief bill. This came after Nancy Pelosi came into town and blew up the process in which Republicans had already passed her original bill with minimal changes.

Romney is 100% right here. The left-wing talking point that helping corporations is somehow bad and needs to not be in the bill is economic suicide. Those corporations provide many of the jobs people are going to lose if relief doesn’t come soon. Of all the times for this communist garbage to be propagated, this is perhaps the worst in modern history.

We are staring at the total destruction of our economy, and for what? So Democrats can try to secure putting union workers on corporate boards? What happens when there’s no more corporation left to be on the board of? It’s insanity and it’s incredibly dangerous.


Meanwhile, the same Democrat allied media that loved Romney five minutes ago doesn’t seem to care what he has to say on this matter.

It’s been said a lot in the last 12 hours and it’ll be said a lot in the next: Democrats must pay a huge price for this. Republicans, Independents, and disaffected Democrats must do everything they can in November to rip every vestige of power from their hands. People are now going to literally die because they chose to play politics right now. That won’t be forgotten.



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