The Washington Post and Joe Biden Team Up to Try to Rewrite History

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Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, Miss., Sunday, March 8, 2020. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)


Arguments about how the U.S. responded to the Wuhan virus are going to be had for years to come. Most will be couched in partisan gotchas and biased sniping, which is only amplified in the Trump era.

But then there will be those that are so brazen and dishonest that they’ll try to take the complete opposite side of the issue they once took just to bash their opponents. That’s what The Washington Post and Joe Biden are teaming up to do in the last day. The former has been heavily pushing this “report” claiming that the Trump administration ignored intel warnings about the pandemic.

The definition of “playing down” matters here. Was the President running to panic the entire country with his public statements? No, and perhaps some would have liked that kind of tact at the time. But that’s not the same thing as downplaying it in action. Trump did take early steps, which ironically were chastised by the same media outlets now trying to lecture on a lack of response.


We know the CDC first started to mobilize the first week of January, just days after China confirmed its first cases publicly. Remember, a week later, the WHO were still parroting Chinese propaganda about the disease not showing person to person transmission. By late January, the period the Post is claiming a lack of action, the White House task force was already up setting policy. What was the media doing? Whining about there being too many white guys on the team.

On January 31st, the President took his largest action yet, banning travel from China. This sent the media into a rage, with numerous editorials and “reports” claiming that it was counter-productive and citing the WHO, an organization that had already shown themselves compromised by communist drivel, as saying it wasn’t necessary.

Here’s the Post slamming Trump’s move, one that the experts now say greatly helped our response.

But the Post and others now want to pretend that wasn’t their position at the time. They want to shape-shift themselves into early whistle blowers, exposing Trump’s supposed lack of early action. In reality, they were the one’s gnashing their teeth about the early actions he did take. It’s incredibly dishonest.


Further, almost as if it was coordinated, Joe Biden is now repeating this same nonsense.

Biden is either truly senile, unable to recall his past pronouncements, or he’s just being a hypocrite will full confidence the media won’t call him on it. Why? Because this is what Joe Biden said about Trump’s China travel ban that was put in place before the Wuhan virus was even deemed a pandemic.

That was the same day Trump put the restrictions in place. Biden’s response? He called it “hysterical xenophobia.” In fact, Biden was still parroting that same line just a few days ago. But now, out of nowhere, he wants to claim that it was Trump who wasn’t taking the virus seriously.


I’ll end by noting what else was going on in January while Trump was acting. The Democrats were still trying to impeach and remove the President. Perhaps that wasn’t wise if they wanted the President’s full attention on the virus?

The idea that any of these outlets or Joe Biden have a leg to stand on when it comes to saying others didn’t take the Wuhan virus seriously is laughable. These are people who spent their time pearl clutching and focused on impeachment while the administration was moving to do what they could in a very uncertain environment.

While they may believe these political attacks will produce fruit, I suspect the American people are smarter than that.



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