The World Health Organization Continues to Burn Its Supposed Credibility to the Ground

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), speaks to the media after the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on Ebola in Congo, in Geneva, Switzerland, Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018. The World Health Organization says it is “deeply concerned” by the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Congo but the situation does not yet warrant being declared a global emergency. (Salvatore Di Nolfi/Keystone via AP)


At what point does a supposedly credible organization lose the right to be believed by default? Probably after the third instance of them dutifully repeating Chinese propaganda.

Enter the World Health Organization, who’s ties to China have left them operating as a mouthpiece for the communist government since the beginning of the Wuhan conronavirus pandemic. Early on in January, we saw WHO publish this abject nonsense in response to the growing outbreak.

That was sent on January 14th, a full two weeks after China had first admitted cases were occurring. Further, the idea that China had found “no clear evidence” of human to human transmission isn’t true. We now that China claimed to identify the disease as a coronavirus on January 7th, citing it’s propensity for spread via droplets like other similar diseases.

Yet, here’s WHO running to the public with the claims of a repressive communist regime without even a hint of preliminary investigation to see if its true. But these are the people we are supposed to listen to? Of course, after parroting that falsity, the WHO then jumped into action to shill for the ChiComs by saying “there is no blame in this” even though China’s lies are obviously to blame for the spread.


An official with the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday warned against referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus,” saying that it could lead to racial profiling against Asians when “there is no blame in this.”

I guess the sheer wokeness is gonna save us all.

Earlier in the month, the WHO had also put out a PSA warning against calling the virus by its place of origin. It’s as if every machination the Chinese make to wage their information war, the WHO is right there to back them up. That’s not coincidental.

Their latest claim may be their worst though.

That’s the Director-General of the WHO (i.e. the boss) pretending like anything China says on their containment of the Wuhan flu can be believed. This after China has already lied to them multiple times. It’s unbelievable and its dangerous to have an organization that’s being counted on as being non-political essentially operating as a communist propaganda outfit.

As Yahoo News wrote last week, whistleblowers have already come forward to say that China’s claims about a massive recovery are garbage.


China’s claims of how it’s handling coronavirus recovery should be taken with more than a few grains of salt.

Even before COVID-19 became a global crisis, Chinese leaders had been criticized for their handling of the situation and lack of transparency about the disease’s progression. Things now look like they’re on the upswing, and businesses even appear to be headed back to work — but whistleblowers and local officials tell Caixan that’s just a carefully crafted ruse.

But I’m sure they are telling the truth now, right? The WHO certainly seems to think they are and it’s why no one should believe a thing they say at this point. They’ve booted all their credibility out the window in order to help cover up China’s malfeasance.

Americans should no longer allow themselves to be gaslit by this corrupt, bloated organization.



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