CNN's Hall Monitors Clutch Their Pearls Over OAN Asking About Media Focus on Wuhan Virus Name


Self-awareness is apparently in short supply these days among CNN media hall monitors.

For the past week, the media have focused incessantly on what President Trump and other Republicans call the Wuhan coronavirus. Teeth have been thoroughly gnashed over the connecting of the current pandemic to China, who’s government lied and helped propagate the spread of the disease, killing thousands along the way. Even as the Chinese have waged an information war against the U.S. to shift blame, the mainstream media have been right there to serve as pawns, repeating nonsensical charges and focusing on irrelevant arguments.


Today, Chanel Rion of OANN decided to ask about the media’s obsession with woke virus naming vs. actually reporting important information to public. That made the usual suspects very, very upset.

I like the sniping by Stelter, as if CNN isn’t currently languishing below Food Network shows, trailing every other major news network in ratings. Maybe that’s an insult he shouldn’t be leveling, but again, self-awareness seems to be an unknown quantity here.

Not to be outdone, Olivier Darcy decided to post this as if he’s some high school kid trying to bully people.

Ah, yes, because the media pearl clutching over calling it the Chinese virus is totally helpful in halting the spread of the Wuhan flu or something. I mean, come on, there’s noway Darcy is actually this dense. He has to just be trolling at this point. Also, how much a jerk do you have to be to not just say Rion’s name? Instead she’s the “OAN personality,” like she’s got the plague or something.


Here’s what the media don’t get to do. They don’t get to spend days freaking out over what the virus is called and then lecture others on focusing on relevant coverage. The question by Davidson was perfectly reasonable given the obsession the media have been showing the last week. Stelter and Darcy know that, but they choosing to instead set their self-awareness on fire and preen.



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