John Hayward Delivers a Brutal Thread On the Media and Wuhan Coronavirus

Kim Sun-woong/Newsis via AP

Workers wearing protective gears disinfect as a precaution against the new coronavirus at the subway station in Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, March 11, 2020. (Kim Sun-woong/Newsis via AP)


John Hayward is no stranger to epic Twitter threads.

For his latest entry, he takes a look at the media complex and how it’s profiting both monetarily and politically by purposely inciting panic. That’s been a point of frustration for many Americans the last few weeks as news outlets we are supposed to be able to trust focus on the most ridiculous things instead of providing fair coverage and relevant information during the current Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Idiocy like this has been abundant.

The press conference that’s beingminimized in the above tweets was about two hours long, included long stretches of experts talking, and a solid hour of questions. If something important was left out, it’s because the media spent their time trying to ask marginal gotcha questions instead of things that can help people. By any objective standard, Trump and his team did a great job this afternoon of laying out exactly what will happen next. But the media are incapable of acting like adults, instead focusing on the most pointless, trivial matters while they simultaneously promote panic and hysteria.


Hayward dives into that. Here’s his comments.


His point about media personalities trying to play doomsday prophet is one the nose. We’ve seen crazy projections of millions dying, even as reality shows the spread slowing in places like China and South Korea, with the latter currently having under 100 deaths. In the end, after these people are proven wrong, there will be no reckoning. They won’t be held to account. No, they’ll be right back to the next partisan attack, no matter how insane it may be. They’ll continue to cry wolf, polishing their credentials, because they are never called on for their litany of false proclamations.

That’s the sad reality of our current legacy media. They are a bloated, self-important bunch who care more about pushing narratives that doing what’s right. The worst part? It’s not going to change anytime soon.



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