James Clyburn, James Carville Call to Shut Down Dem Primary, Say the Quiet Part Out Loud About Biden

James Carville speaks at the annual U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting, Monday, June 26, 2017, in Miami Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

I’m sure this won’t further enrage the Bernie Bros, right?


James Clyburn and James Carville both went on record yesterday that they believe it’s time to shut down the Democratic primary. This comes after Biden has regained the initiative and set himself up as the presumptive front runner in the race.

That’s Clyburn saying the quiet part out loud, and Biden has certainly proved his fears right. Just yesterday, the former Vice President got into a shouting match with a voter that included threatening to assault the man and challenging him to “go outside.” There’s very little reason to think this gets better, no matter how tight Biden’s advisors try to hold the reins. Even during yesterday’s short teleprompter speech, Biden managed to forget what office he was running for.


But while the Establishment hopes this all ends this week, any attempt to do so would only further the divide within the party. You think the Bernie supporters shouting “rigged” are mad now? Imagine how they’d respond if the primary is ended with half the delegates left to be allotted and Sanders only being back 150ish in the count. Yes, logically, Bernie’s path is narrow and the door will shut after Biden sweeps next week, but it doesn’t matter. Grievance is a strong drug.

This is a lose/lose situation for Democrats, at least for now. If they try to prematurely end the primary, Bernie’s voters will only grow more angry and be more likely to sit at home in November. But if they let this drag out into the summer, like 2016, Biden is going to continue to show that he’s simply not all there.

Trying to unify the party at the convention is going to be a herculean task no matter what.


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