Media Scream That Saying 'Wuhan Flu' Is Racist, but There Are Receipts

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Today is a good day to stay off social media. The panic being spread comes nowhere close to matching reality and even some on the right are currently losing their minds because the President dared to offer perspective regarding flu deaths.


Meanwhile, the media has a new line of attack in regards to COVID-19. Namely, that it’s racist to call the virus by its name.

Let’s talk logically and then we’ll get to the receipts. Saying Wuhan virus, Wuhan flu, etc. is not only not racist, it’s the actual layman’s name of the virus and has been widely used from the beginning. Lyme Disease is named after a city. West Nile is obviously named after a geographic location. Spanish flu is, you guessed it, from Spain. There’s a long, long history of naming viruses based on their place of origin. Why should we stop now with Wuhan, China? The answer is that we shouldn’t and complaints to the contrary are asinine.


But it gets worse — because it turns out that the very same people charging racism are hypocrites.

If you don’t want to click, that’s Chris Hayes himself using the term Spanish flu, which is the exact same thing as calling Coronavirus by its origin.

It gets better, though.

Let’s be honest. The only reason these media figures are suddenly against calling it the Wuhan virus/flu is because doing so serves as an easy reminder to the general public that Trump didn’t cook this up at the White house. It came from China and we have very little control over it aside from managing the outbreak.


The current idiocy being spread, from the overblown panic to the woke olympics over what to call the virus, has reach mind-numbing levels. The government is doing everything they can (which will never be “everything” because the government is not inherently efficient or capable no matter who’s in charge). Things will likely get worse before they get better but we will survive this.

There’s no excuse for the kind of nonsense being shown by Hayes here, though. These media members are hopelessly trying to politicize something that should be above politicization.



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