Rep. Garamendi Threatens to Beat Up Donald Trump Jr. In Bizarre Rant

Rep. Garamendi Threatens to Beat Up Donald Trump Jr. In Bizarre Rant

Civility, am I right?

The partisan response to coronavirus has been fairly appalling to this point. We’ve seen the news media and other journalist outlets almost openly root for deaths and a growing pandemic. Why? Because they think it’ll damage the economy enough to stifle Trump’s momentum going into November.

Donald Trump Jr. was at CPAC earlier today and commented on the matter, pointing out that many members of the media were being overtly political in their panic inducing coverage. This apparently didn’t sit too well with Rep. John Garamendi from California.

Yes, that’s a sitting Congressman responding to criticism by threatening to beat someone up. How capable he is of doing that, who knows, but it’s certainly an odd response from the party running on a “return to normalcy” narrative.

The truth is that Donald Trump Jr. is right. The news coverage has been disgraceful and it’s spreading widespread panic that simply isn’t backed up by the data. Is coronavirus something we should take seriously? Absolutely. Is it going to kill us all and take down our economy? Almost certainly not.

As I’ve speculated before, the much ballyhooed mortality rate of coronavirus is likely overblown. That mortality rate is almost wholly based on deaths within China, who’s communist regime has mismanaged the ordeal from the beginning. When you get outside of the China, the actual mortality rate is closer to .5 and even that is based on deaths in sub-par healthcare systems. America’s healthcare prowess would likely show the rate to be even lower.

But instead of trying to bring levity to the situation, Democrats like Garamendi are talking about beating people up, because that’s helpful. These are not serious people.


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