The Steele Dossier's Biggest Fan Goes Full Bernie Bro Because 'Authoritarianism' or Something

If you’ve followed the Russia collusion (enter dramatic, trailing voice) saga over the last three years, you are probably aware that there’s no more insufferable of a group on the topic than the editors over at Lawfare Blog. The leftwing vanity project has staked its entire existence on fluffing wild conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia.


On any given day, you can find Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes insisting the Steele dossier is still credible and that Trump did actually collude with the Russians. It’s quite the deluded spectacle.

That insistence on devolving into insanity to constantly snipe at Trump means there’s only one choice for them in November, i.e. going full Bernie Bro.

You want the perfect example of how shallow and illogical most media “experts” are? Consider this exhibit A.

On what planet is a communist who wants to dramatically expand government and who has spent the last 50 years fluffing dictatorships, not even to gain a foreign policy goal but for ideological reasons, not a crazy person who’s a threat to the rule of law?

But Trump or something.


Have you ever noticed that people like Wittes constantly use hyperbolic language about Trump being an authoritarian while never actually listing how he is one? That’s because authoritarian in this case doesn’t actually mean it’s real definition. Instead, it’s really just anger that Trump is harming the embedded bureaucracy, which is actually the opposite of authoritarian, as the office of the presidency enjoys actual accountability to the electorate.

In Wittes’ mind, the voters don’t deserve to have a say in how the country is run via the constitutional authority granted to the President. Rather, unelected government apparatchiks are supposed to secretly “save the country” while being completely untouchable. In that respect, Sanders is the perfect candidate for someone like Wittes. He’ll blow the bureaucrat state up to unheard of levels while being so incompetent that it can run wild.

Meanwhile, Bernie is already saying he’ll blow up the rule of law by abusing executive actions and parliamentary rules to shove through an anti-American agenda. But Wittes doesn’t care about that because he’s not concerned with the true rule of law, only that his buddies are protected.


Of course, the dumbest part of Wittes’ rant is the last line in his final tweet. Socialism is authoritarianism. They are inseparable aspects of one overall tyrannical ideology. The fact that Wittes and people like him would make common cause with it says just how deranged they’ve become.




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