Elizabeth Warren Ends Michael Bloomberg's Campaign at Nevada Debate


Elizabeth Warren

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks to supporters at a caucus night campaign rally Monday, Feb. 3, 2020, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)


Elizabeth Warren realizes her campaign is on the ropes. That means she finally decided to take the gloves off — and take the gloves off she did. The entire debate, she attacked literally everyone, from calling Klobuchar’s healthcare plan a “post-it note” to trashing Pete Buttigieg over pretty much everything. This was very much her Chris Christie moment. None of this will save her personally, but she’s going to take others down with her.

Her hardest blows came in her attacks against Michael Bloomberg, mainly about his past treatment of women who worked for him.

Of course, Warren then said she’d still vote for Bloomberg if it came to that.


But it didn’t end there. Later, the issue of Bloomberg sexually harassing his employees and then having them sign NDAs came up.

Here’s some video from the extended exchange, which included other candidates as well.

Bloomberg is done. There’s absolutely no coming back from this. He was already a long shot, probably hoping for a brokered convention more than an outright win. Now, he’s been taken apart on a national stage and no amount of money will change that. I’ve been saying for a while that Bloomberg is a myth of a man and his candidacy is a mirage. The moment he would have to actually debate would be the moment his campaign died. That happened in Nevada.


What this means is that Bernie Sanders is the nominee. There’s no one else to stop him and for the most part, Bernie was barely hit. Pete Buttigieg tried his best, but the teenage scold act he has going on is not appealing. Meanwhile, Warren may have taken out Bloomberg, but she’s as unlikable as ever. She won’t get much of a bump from this.

It looks like it’s Trump and Bernie in November unless something dramatic happens.



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