Michael Bloomberg Decides to Torch His Campaign by Trashing Farmers

Michael Bloomberg isn’t having a good week. After being hailed as the savior among the liberal establishment in the media, a mountain of opposition research has fallen on him. This is no doubt being driven by Bernie Sanders, who isn’t going to just sit idly by and have the nomination snatched from him again.


As RedState covered over the weekend, numerous quotes of Bloomberg using sexist, demeaning language toward women surfaced. As you’d imagine, if your chief goal is to beat Donald Trump, you can’t have your own past of questionable comments dealing with women. That’s high ground Democrats need to hold, although I doubt it registers anymore than it did in 2016.

But while those things may anger some on the left, the latest old video of Bloomberg to emerge puts his electoral chances, not just in the primary, but in a hypothetical general election much more in peril.

Namely, he trashed farmers as idiots.

The Democrat path back to the White House is through the Midwest. It’s gaining back those blue collar farmers, union workers, and laborers. The elitism that Bloomberg shows here by falsely portraying them as morons will not play well among those groups at all. Farmers are business owners, oftentimes running very large operations. They deal with the latest technology, supply chains, and global markets. They clearly possess ample amounts of “grey matter.”


I’ve been saying for a while (mostly in exchanges on social media) that I think Bloomberg’s chances are severely overrated. There is no path for him to gain a majority of the delegates. He doesn’t even get into the race until Super Tuesday and the number of “moderate (but not really moderate) lane” candidates will still be fairly large. Unlike Donald Trump, Bloomberg’s bloom is completely manufactured. He’s not charismatic, he’s doesn’t excite people, and the sheer amount of money he’s had to spend this far is mind-blowing. Compare that to Trump, who barely ran ads during the 2016 campaign and was far outspent by Hillary, and it’s not even close.

Bloomberg is a myth, a completely fake mirage of a candidate. If his campaign wasn’t already doomed, this latest revelation should do it.



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