Bernie Bros Flip After Nevada Dems Hire a Paid Pete Buttigieg Organizer to Be 'Voter Protection Director'

Are only Pete Buttigieg campaign workers available for these positions or something?

Fresh off the disasterous Iowa caucuses, in which a laundry list of funny business went into delivering Buttigieg a victory (he did lose the vote total by almost 4%), Nevada has decided to keep feeding into the conspiracies. They’ve decided to hire a paid Buttigieg campaign organizer as their “vote protection director.”


These conflicts of interest are getting ridiculous at this point.

I checked, and this is all legit. She did lock her Twitter account and scrub her history. There are also other tweets which prove she was indeed paid by the Buttigieg campaign just a week ago.

The responses are what you’d expect. You can click the original tweet and read some of them. The Bernie Bros are flipping out, calling the Nevada Dem party, and doing the the internet sleuth routine.

This montage is from one of his supporters.

Look, even if this is all innocent and she plans to do a totally fair job as the “vote protection director” for Nevada’s caucuses, it’s a huge conflict of interest and extremely sketchy that they are hiring not just an outside operative, but one that worked for one of the front runner’s campaign in the previous state. Especially after there were already accusations flying in Iowa when those caucuses melted down.


Buttigieg’s ride only continues with a first or second place finish in Nevada, and now a person who was on his payroll a week ago will have access to resources that help get out the vote. There’s no way this hire should have been made.

The more this stuff keeps happening, the more mad the Bernie supporters are going to get. That raises the stakes even high for the Democrats, because if Bernie isn’t the nominee, it’s going to be total chaos.



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