Joe Biden Melts Into an Incoherent Mess After Mocking Rush Limbaugh's Illness and Accusing Him of Being a Racist

Ladies and gentlemen, your fourth-place finisher in Iowa.

Joe Biden was once the undisputed frontrunner in the Democratic primary field, but just like when Elizabeth Warren’s campaign collapsed, he’s now entered the flailing desperation phase. That means poking voters in the chest, forgetting basic facts, and trying to get woke in a hurry by accusing Rush Limbaugh of being a racist. Last night, Biden went on CNN (because where else?) to do a town hall and the latter topic came up.


If you missed it, Trump gave the Medal of Freedom to conservative and radio icon Rush Limbaugh during the State of the Union on Tuesday. This set hair on fire within left-wing circles, including among media members like Jim Acosta. In reality, there’s no doubt Rush deserved the reward considering people like Ellen and Robert De Niro were given it by Barack Obama. Rush was a pioneer and trailblazer who brought AM radio back from the dead.

Biden’s response to Trump’s gracious act toward a man diagnosed with advanced lung cancer was a total mess.

If you watch just the first 25 seconds of the video, you’ll see Biden actually mocks Rush to cheers and laughter by doing the sign of the cross and blankly staring. Instead of correcting the crowd immediately, he then just launches into an incoherent rant about how divisive and racist Rush is.


After making his accusation, he starts to stumble around for examples and can’t come up with any because there are none except some tortured, out of context charges involving Donovan McNabb from nearly two decades ago. The other one you hear often claimed is that Rush called Obama “Barack the magic negro,” but Rush was actually quoting and mocking an LA Times article that invented the silly phrase.

Try to imagine how the media, including CNN, would have reacted had Donald Trump mocked someone with likely terminal cancer by doing the sign of the cross and not correcting a laughing crowd. It would be non-stop teeth gnashing. We know that because of past examples, such as when Trump didn’t correct a rally crowd for chanting “send her back” about Ilhan Omar. That was a two-week news cycle.

The truth is, Rush is not a racist (heck, his #2 and best friend for decades has been Bo Snerdley, a black guy, and he was also married by a black pastor). His purpose is not to “divide people” either. He’s a conservative host who shares his opinions and has policy preferences. He’s no more divisive than Joe Biden himself or any other host, anchor, or politician out there. Every American has a right to their own views and should express them freely.


Joe Biden is just melting down at this point. The latest polls show him about to get clobbered in New Hampshire. After that, all eyes are on Nevada. If Biden loses there, it’s over for him. There aren’t enough votes in the south to save his campaign at that point.


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