Watch: Trump Snubs Pelosi's Hand Shake at the State of the Union

Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., speaks during her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill, Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)


There are going to be a lot of headlines from this state of the union speech by President Trump, but this may be the one most harped on.

As the President entered, he went to hand Speaker Nancy Pelosi her copy of his notes as per tradition. She then reached to shake his hand and Trump decided to not put on the facade and play along. Here’s video of what happened.

The answer is yes. He clearly saw her hand extend and he turned around anyway.

Some responded to this by claiming it was childish. Honestly, I find the realness refreshing. Pelosi and her caucus just spent four months attempting to utterly destroy the President. Why would he suddenly play nice as if nothing has transpired?

The fake decorum of Washington is one of the reasons we ended up with Trump as president in the first place. People are sick of seeing these elected officials play kissy face one minute and trash each other as the embodiment of evil the next. Trump deciding that he’s just not going to play the game is long overdue and other politicians should follow suit. Voters want authenticity from their leaders and to be shown that the battles they are fighting are being taken seriously.


Democrats made a choice to take up a partisan impeachment fight in an attempt to remove Trump from office. There should be no expectation that he’s going to forget it.


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