House Impeachment Manager Is Asked About the Steele Dossier and His Response Is Unbelievable

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Democrats have painted themselves into a corner and things are starting to get even dumber.

Hakeem Jeffries, who is one of the Democrat House impeachment managers, was pinned down on the topic of whether the Steele Dossier would have been impeachable had Hillary Clinton won. It was obviously the solicitation of foreign information, so that makes it a natural comparison to the complaints of Rudy Giuliani’s digging around in Ukraine.


We’ll get to the answer he gave in a second, but I want to note that the left have managed to squeeze three years out of the “muh Russian interference” narrative and this is the first time I can recall a Democrat politician being pinned down on the topic of the Steele Dossier’s propriety. It says something that it took an impeachment trial to get an answer to this most obvious question while the media has completely refused to ask it.

So what was that answer? Get ready to bust out your facepalm memes.

I had to rewind that back a few times just to make sure I wasn’t hearing him wrong. That’s how ludicrous this is.

Let me get this straight. Even though the Steele Dossier was clearly foreign election interference (most likely a Russian disinformation operation), Democrats now want to assert that it was all fine and dandy because it was paid for? That’s really the line they want to go with? So if Trump just pays foreign agents for dirt on Biden in 2020, Democrats won’t complain about that at all? Does anyone really believe that?


The fact is, the Democrats don’t have an actual standard. It’s simply “get the orange man” and nothing more. If Trump does something, it’s bad. If a Democrat does the same thing, it’s different just because. It’s an unbelievable level of hypocrisy and it’s no way to treat the constitutional process.

This entire spectacle has devolved into levels of absurdity I didn’t think were possible. The House passed their articles of impeachment without a solid case and now demand the Republicans provide them with one in the Senate. Meanwhile, the Democrats are so eaten up with partisan hypocrisy that they have to twist themselves into knots to explain how the Steele Dossier doesn’t meet the standards of foreign interference in our elections they’ve been screaming about for the entirety of Trump’s presidency.


It’s all just so laughable.


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