Media Members Rush to Bring Up Kobe Bryant Rape Allegations Immediately After He and His Daughter Die

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

I honestly don’t know why anyone is still confused as to why the mainstream media in this country are largely despised. It’s not because the great unwashed masses are just rubes who can’t see their brilliance. No, it’s because of garbage like this.


That tweet was sent out in the immediate aftermath of the tragic news that former NBC Superstar Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter were killed in a helicopter crash. He’s survived by his wife and three other daughters, all of which were likely still in total shock. I can only imagine why they are currently going through.

But for some reason, this reporter from The Washington Post decided it’d be a good time to bring up that Bryant was once accused of rape. It should be noted he was never convicted of anything and the situation surrounding the allegation was murky at best. Publicly sending a message to a grieving family that “oh, yeah, your loved one may be dead but he was a rapist” is just awful, tone deaf thing to do, even if one believes it’s a relevant detail.

Sonmez would of course double down before finally deleting her tweets.

If anyone was sending her threats, that’s of course bad. But that’s not really the issue here. The issue is being so beholden to the woke left that she’d run to tweet out a three year old article on unproven rape allegations the same day a man and his child die. It’s hard to understand how she could have ever thought that would turn out well.


Sonmez wasn’t the only one though.

Look, I’m not saying a discussion of the incident is off limits. What I am saying is to not be so self-absorbed by your own biases and to at least wait until he’s buried before doing the retrospectives about a rape allegation he was never convicted of. That’s simply the right thing to do while a family (and a country full of fans) are still processing what has transpired.

But this is why people hate the media.


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