Joe Biden Responds to Possible Witness Deal, Makes Hilariously Ironic Claim

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at the SEIU Unions For All Summit on Friday, Oct. 4, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

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FILE – In this Jan. 30, 2010, file photo, Vice President Joe Biden, left, with his son Hunter, right, at the Duke Georgetown NCAA college basketball game in Washington. Hunter Biden is expressing regret for being discharged from the Navy Reserve amid published reports that he tested positive for cocaine. The Wall Street Journal reports that Hunter Biden failed the drug test last year and was discharged in February. In a statement issued Thursday, Oct. 16, Biden doesn’t say why he was discharged. He says he’s embarrassed that his actions led to his discharge and that he respects the Navy’s decision. The vice president’s office declined to comment.(AP Photo/Nick Wass, File)


Yesterday, I wrote on rumblings from The Washington Post involving a possible witness trade of John Bolton for Joe and Hunter Biden. Shortly after that story broke, we got a denial from Chuck Schumer that such a deal was in the works.

Now, it’s completely possible the Post was just spreading fake news again, but it’s more likely that this was a trial balloon being floated by some of the more moderate Democrat senators, i.e. the same ones who broke rank and demanded Pelosi send over the articles of impeachment after Christmas.

Joe Biden has responded to the rumors as well and decided to punch irony in the face while wearing brass knuckles.

Wait, what?

Is the indication here that the current process isn’t already a farce and pure political theater? I guess I’m supposed to believe that Adam Schiff is really just a constitutional warrior riding a white horse of unbiased love for his country?

Come on. This entire thing is a circus and has been from the moment it was started in the House. This is the same process that involved hiding testimonies and selectively leaking misleading details for months. It’s the same process that saw Republicans not allowed to call a single witness by Schiff in the House, yet Schiff now demands he be allowed to call witnesses in the Senate. It’s a process that has the Democrats claiming to have an unassailable case while at the same time proclaiming they must be allowed to gather more evidence.


Calling the above a farce may be an understatement, but it is most definitely already a farce.

Regardless, Biden’s comments aren’t really about respect for the process. They are made out of fear of what his son might say. A person with no relevant experience doesn’t just get handed $80,000 a month to work for a sketchy foreign oil company without corruption helping along the process. Whether Joe Biden was directly involved or not, we know he looked the other way when warned about the issue. It was clearly a major conflict of interest for him to lead up foreign policy in Ukraine while his son was making bank sitting on a board in Ukraine. Oh yeah, and the company, Burisma, just so happened to be at the center of corruption allegations at the time that the older Biden helped squash.

But don’t you dare suggest he or his son ever answer any questions about the entire ordeal, never mind the other several Biden family members who also made a ton of money from government contracts and grifting off Joe’s position.

Let’s be real. If this was Donald Trump and his son, every legacy outlet with a dollar left in their operating accounts would be spending whatever it took to get this story out there. The righteous indignation over it would be overwhelming. Yet, Joe is allowed to brush the accusations aside, never expected to explain what in the world was going on with him, his family, and Ukraine.



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