Mike Pompeo Noted that Iraqis Celebrated Soleimani's Death, The NYTs Trashed Him Over It

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Maybe my memory is just short, but I simply don’t remember Republicans acting this stupidly when Osama Bin Laden was killed. Imagine the day after his death that Fox News ran a bunch of articles on Obama’s recklessness for violating Pakistani sovereignty or that Al Qaeda had been hit in an out proportion manner? How well would that have gone over?


And while I’m certainly not perfect, I just can’t see myself shilling for a terrorist organization over politics and can safely say I did no such thing during the Obama years. Yet, that’s exactly what the mainstream media are doing right now. They are running in high gear right now, pumping out “reports” and op-eds that try to spin Iran as the victim and Trump as the cowboy aggressor. It’s like we’ve been teleported back to the early 2000s.

For ample evidence, look no further than this claim from The New York Times.

The article is headlined that Pompeo’s description “was wrong” to say the video showed Iraqi’s celebrating Soleimani’s death. In reality, it presents a false, tortured narrative, complete with a “Harvard lecturer” commenting, because a lecturer from Harvard apparently is relevant to Pompeo’s tweet or something.

This is modern journalism.


The fact that the Times ever let this out of house is a testament to their non-existent standards. As the above shows, Pompeo’s description of the celebration was not inaccurate at all. Iraqis were celebrating in the streets in the wee hours of the morning.

But let’s say Pompeo was wrong about just how large the crowd was. Who the heck cares? How petty does ones have to be to rush and print an article about how the Secretary of State was off on the crowd size of a celebration over a murderous terrorist’s death? How does that thought process even work? Did the writer just brain storm “how to shill for Iran and slap at Trump” until she came up with something?

Further, the Times is basically spitting on the graves of every peaceful Iraqi protestor who was killed by Soleimani’s militias last month. The narrative that most Iraqis loved Iran’s thug general is false. They didn’t and they were more than happy Soleimani was blown to bits. The fact that fear may keep many in their houses is not a point in Iran’s favor or the Times’ reporting.


Yet, the Times apparently thinks so, as they are more than willing to pump out trash like this article, repeating Iranian propaganda and helping prop up the Mullahs. Every time I think the media has reached their low, they just go lower and there’s no end in sight.



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