Watch: Iranian Revolutionary Guard Spokesman Starts Crying on Live TV Over Soleimani's Death

Today is a day of mourning for Iran’s regime (and some Obama administration officials). This is especially true for the IRCG, which was the terrorist organization Qassem Soleimani led and used to propagate war and death across the Middle East.


Now that he’s been turned to dust, Soleimani’s death is drawing reaction from some of Iran’s leaders. For their part, the IRCG sent their spokesman on live TV to comment on the situation. Hilariously, he burst into tears on live TV.

The man crying there works for an organization that has killed tens of thousands of innocent people, over 600 American soldiers, and played a role in the deaths of hundreds of thousands in places like Syria. You’ll have to forgive me if I take a little pleasure in his pain. Because his boss is dead, Iran’s deadly influence is somewhat hampered. Perhaps Sharif should focus on dealing with his own evils at this point instead of crying during an interview over a dead terrorist.

But sorry for your loss.


President Trump has put Iran on notice – Further aggression will be met with an overwhelming response. That’s a stark departure from the Obama years, where Iran was allowed to freelance all over the Middle East, killing Americans and causing chaos. The Mullahs will have to learn the hard way that the game has changed.

Here’s a nice comparison to end with.


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